Dear Clients

Hi, my name is Chris Seo, CEO of Dustless World. Firstly thank you for showing your interest on Dustless World.

Since I started the business my management philosophy has not changed which is to come and listen to each client directly, face to face. If you have received this booklet, you probably have met me already. There are many marketing strategies which can attract more clients in efficient ways. However I will never give up my belief, as I know the feeling of connections only can be established in the truthful face-to-face relationship.

Before introducing our services, let me introduce myself briefly. Back in Korea, I was an IT technician at Cannon Inc. Then in 1999, my wife and I moved to Australia. In the new country, cleaning business was the most doable job we could do as it was easier to start up for the freshly migrated couple. My wife and I worked diligently, cleaned our clients house with meticulous care. Clients were very satisfied with our services and they started to introduce our service to their friends. Our business went viral and began to grow.

Director Chris Seo

As the business grows, it needed more human resources. Sometimes I thought I met good cleaners whom I believed they had right work ethics and attitude, However it was hard to find the people who had the virtues, they were still not reached to our company’s expectation.

Being a cleaner and operating cleaning agency was totally different. Through the experience, I found there is a serious problem in the cleaning industry. To explain it, here I introduce a little snippet of the interview conducted as part of the cleaner selection process.

Q: How do you think about the cleaning profession?
A: I do it because I need to earn money. Not because I want to do.

This is the usual opinion most of the cleaners have. However, even though company offers a training course, it is not effective for those cleaners who do not have passion or vision in their career.

The solution I ended up with was not just to find a good cleaner, but also make a good cleaner. I did not select a cleaner who wants to work in the cleaning industry for a short term. Instead, I tested the local individual cleaners who ran the cleaning business for more than 5 years. Through the interview and the test, I encouraged them to have right work ethics and hope in their career.

When I recruit sub-contractors, I receive many applications. I encourage the applicants to have the right work ethics and share our company’s vision. Persuading them to change their mindset is not an easy process. Though sometimes I meet cleaners who agree to company’s vision and work ethics. Then I train them for more than a month and give hopes and dreams to motivate the cleaners to be the best cleaners. To make one good cleaner is harder than attracting dozens of customers.

However I never give up searching and training the best individual cleaner to give our clients with the best satisfaction like my wife and I did.

More than 100 local cleaning service providers are working with Dustless World now. Dustless World spares no efforts to provide the best services to our clients. Also we bring our best to give the best working environments to our cleaners.

Thank you very much again for your interests.
We also give much thanks to all of our coworkers.