Domestic Cleaning Services

17 years of industry experience produces the most optimised Home Cleaning Service for our clients.

Regular Domestic Cleaning Service

Dustless World Standard Regular Service Pack (DSRSP)

General Services (applied in All Areas)

General Tidiness – DSRSP (Dustless World Standard Regular Service Pack) only includes light tidying up, as our aim is to spend less than 10% of the total service time on tidying up alone, and focus more on cleaning instead.






Other Services with extra charges

Move In and Out Cleaning Service

Why you need professional cleaners?
For End of Lease (EOL) cleaning, do not underestimate the hard work required. Leave the demanding tasks in the hands of a professional cleaning company. Dustless World knows exactly what real estate agents wants to examine on the inspection, which is based on the requirements by Fair Trading NSW. After the service Dustless World will contact your real estate agent to prove that you had professional cleaning service provided by us. Any missing requirements, we will come and fix it to guarantee your bond back.

EOL Cleaning Check List

General Services (applied in All Areas)

If furnished, clean all items. Extra cost will be charged.





Veranda, Decks

Other Services with extra charges

Our Clients

Dustless World EOL cleaning service

Things to know before EOL service

Company proceeds the EOL cleaning service under your agreement with the conditions below.

  • Removal of all belongings should be doned before starting cleaning service. If removal is ongoing during the cleaning service, cleaning process takes more time and effort, therefore, extra charge will be applied.
  • Payment should be made on the spot before resuming the service.
  • Cleaner will visit the place on the promised time, and let you know the exact service price. Actual price may be different from the estimated quote made on the phone booking, depends on the real condition.

Click to View Ending a tenancy, information for tenants by NSW Government Fair Trading

One-off Cleaning Service

Also called one-off catchup cleaning or spring cleaning. High quality home cleaning service is provided whenever you require.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets and Upholstery cleaning with professional steam cleaner machine.

Window Cleaning Service

Clean windows can really give the appearance of your home, both inside and out.

Oven Cleaning Service

Turn your greasy dirty oven into the oven like a new! For your family’s safety and health, professional non-caustic & non-toxic products are used.

Floor Cleaning Service

You want your floors to always look dazzling? From wood to marble floors, call for experts dealing with different kinds of hard-surface floors of your house.